Communication is one of the most important skills for creating and maintaining any relationship. This workshop is designed to teach participants ways to create healthy communication thought processes that help acknowledge, explore and overcome communication barriers. We will go through group exercises that can be adapted and duplicated by participants.

The goal is to help you create environments where communication can thrive, transparency increase and productivity improve. Please complete the below form and we will get back to you shortly.


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Announcing the FREEDOM from Racism Affiliate Program!

We are looking for community and nonprofit organizations who want to help fight racism with empathy, understanding and by improving communication skills within the community.

PCHATP LLC is a purpose-driven brand. We provide an education that helps overcome the communication barriers created by systemic racism as well as mediation skills. Our goal is to empower citizens and residents with a cutting edge education, allowing them to realize new levels of personal and corporate social responsibility.

We want to extend a partnership to you, as an organization that serves the community. This partnership will provide you with a turn-key we to provide training and includes a fund raising mechanism. Yes, you can help fight racism and generate funds to support the good work you are already doing!

Let’s talk about our Program.

Program Elements

5 Online Learning Modules

Modules Course Attributes
1.     Setting The Table

2.     What Racism Is And Is Not

3.     How Racism Came To Be In The U.S.

4.     Facing Systemic Racism

5.     Freedom From Racism

·         Accessible via Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile

·         12 steps to confronting racism job aid

·         Guide to Overcome Aversive Racism

·         A list of resources

We are committed to providing educational opportunities that help overcome communication barriers created by systemic racism. Your sponsorship will make this possible.

Our Goal

Our goal is to mend communication gaps for Lexington residents in a way that encourages equality, understanding, and empathy. We empower communities with new ways of approaching one of the most divisive topics in existence. We focus on organic guidepost of diversity and inclusion. We move beyond compliance and create communal compassion.


Why the training is needed


Strong fears become barriers to our communication:

  • Afraid of saying something that is considered racist or has racial connotations
  • Afraid of doing something that is considered an act of racism
  • Fear of reacting the wrong way to situations where racism is perceived
  • Afraid to engage or speak up in conversations about race, racism, or history
  • Fear of hearing something that challenges pre-existing thoughts


We must communicate because racism and silence create a codependent cycle.


Racism is maintained by silence, it is silence that maintains racism.


What obstacles are we facing?

  • Unsafe environments that reinforce learning barriers
  • Lack of insight on how to communicate in situations involving race
  • One-sided viewpoints
  • Not knowing how to start conversations
  • Years of incorrect or incomplete information regarding race relations and history
  • Incorrect perceptions of minorities
  • Shallow or a lack of personal relationships with minorities