Positive Communication Habits And Thought Process

"Positive communication" does not mean every time you talk you spew rainbows and butterflies or every word is like a unicorns laughter (but wouldn’t that be interesting?)

It is actually about taking responsibility in how we communicate, understanding our thoughts, emotions and acting toward a mutual and positive outcome for yourself and whom ever you are communicating with.

Imagine a safe, unique way to learn how to overcome the fear of communicating about, and confronting racism. No one living today caused the problem, but we are all affected by it. With our online training, you can remove common stumbling blocks that often occur when discussing past and current racially charged topics. You can develop confidence and comfort levels that will empower unifying thought processes. Whether racism makes you mad, sad or afraid of offending someone – in our short micro-learning sessions, you can increase your emotional and situational intelligence skills. This will help you confront thoughts and words that divide us. Let us help you yield positive communication outcomes when discussing negative circumstances.

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