Many organizations have mission & values statements regarding diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. Our mission is to help organizations and communities manifest the promises in those statements. We focus on the main conduit of change and improvement – communication. We do this by teaching & inspiring change in a uniquely safe, organic, and unifying way. We use online learning and live coaching sessions that empower new levels of situational & emotional awareness enhancing communication skills.

Positive Communication

This happens when communication leads to a positive outcome. It isn’t about rainbows and butterflies. It is actually about taking responsibility in how we, when and why we communicate. Understanding our thoughts, emotions and acting toward a mutual and positive outcome for yourself and whom ever you are communicating with is the goal.

Thought Processes

I use the above example because how we communicate; whether to argue or simply express ourselves, is a direct reflection of our thought process. Although I enjoy coaching individuals on better ways to communicate, how you think about communication is even more important. Working on your thought process and developing positive communication skills can become a habit. I’ve learned to develop this habit and helped others do the same.

PCHATP Community

We all represent a small tiny percentage of the world. We have all been affected by poor communication skills and negative thought processes. From the drive thru to the driving range – how we interact is often a quick way to make or break a relationship. Marital, professional or short term pedestrian relationships are a necessity…unless you want to get everything you need online and never leave your home. Even then you will inevitably have to speak on the phone or in an email. Let’s face it. Like it or not, we are all role-models for one another. We can’t talk about society as if we are not part of it. It is a movement to change our world by changing how we talk to it.

If you work on you, you’ll improve a small tiny percentage of the world. If enough of us do this, we can change large percentage of the world.

Respect, empathy and understanding can become the norm. When it does, we will know we changed the world by changing how we talk to it.

The change we need cannot just be a corporate initiative, but a community initiative.